Sima Nan’s Travel in North Korea (Part 3)

North Koreans are not aware  their leader is  from the post-80s generation

Part 2

Part 1:

On the 15 April, there was a military parade in the Kim Il-Sung square. Kim Jong-Un spoke for about 10 minutes. He said North Korea was in a watershed of a new  era in  history … that North Korean would always maintain the Songun (army first)  revolution etc.

Sima Nan was given a place at a platform that is close to the stage. After the end of the parade, journalists from  international media looked frantically to interview the locals, but they could not find any North Koreans; for they  were very united in refusing to be interviewed by the international media.

Suddenly a vigorous, loud voiced and short Chinese man attracted their attentions. The Russian TV reported  reached him first and asked “ Can I interview you?”. That person was Sima Nan, and he replied “Of course, no problem”. The reporter asked “When everyone there was shouting Kim Jong-Un’s name, what was your feeling?”

Sima Nan said “While they were shouting, the eyes of the men flashed brilliantly while the women’s eyes were dripping with warm tears.  Their voices reverberated loudly and I felt like being hit by an earthquake.  We were standing there, looking here and there, and  felt something extraordinary. If Putin is to get up the stage and the people shout  ‘Putin’, how would you feel?”

“I feel it’s not bad because Putin is welcomed by the people. People shout the name of Putin or  Kim Jong-Un; this shows that they are welcomes by the people, and it’s better than having  people talking about leaders having affairs with waitresses”.

At that point, the Voice of America reporter caught up with Sima nan. They have previously met at the airport, where Sima Nan had secretly taken photo shots of an extremely beautiful border guard with 007 marking armband. This was discovered by the patrol guards, resulting in the photos being erased.

The Voice of America reporter asked” Today, Kim Jong-Un made his public speech for the first time; how do you find him?” Sima Nan answered “ this 20 years plus  person who belongs to post-80s generation can hold his ground – not bad”.

At the juncture, a few North Koreans leapt in between, interrupting the interview. These were the quiet people in the background that have been accompanying the translator. After being pulled aside, the translator loudly reprimanded Sima Nan, “How could you say that … the post- 80s generation, how can it be suitable … don’t say that again!”

Sima Nan could not repressed his annoyance, and loudly protested:” Whatever I say …  do I need to be coached by you? Do I require your approval to speak? When I said he is from the post-80s generation, is it wrong? Do I need your agreement to be interviewed by the international media?”

With those words, the translator withered away, unable to reply. Later they were pulled away. That night a few of them came to see Sima Nan and explained that their people, including the translators and the team leaders have no intention to interfere with what he said. One of them remarked “ This is because we North Koreans have no idea how old Kim Jong-Un is, don’t know that he is from post-80s generation, and how to say it that we are a little …”

The  North Koreans don’t know because the information is kept confidential. Sima Nan then asked them how they felt about Kim Jong-Un  having lived in Switzerland for 3 years. They said they didn’t know about it. They only knew that he graduated from the Kim Jong-Il Military Academy.

(to be continued …)


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