Melaka, Malaysia photos (January 2012)

Recently, we stayed one night in a guest house in the Jonker Street part of Melaka, Malaysia. This is the tourist area of Melaka, famous for the classical old townhouses, narrow streets, temples and mosque.  I am familiar with this town, having stayed in this town for a number of  years, and most of my relatives are still staying in the town.

A great number of the old townhouses along Jonker Street have been rather well refurbished and many have been converted into shops that cater for tourists .The most pleasant suprise from my point of view is the rehabilitation of the river that runs through the town. The river and the surrounding area seems much more cleaner and pleasant, and what a change from its previous muddy brown, stinky state. There are lots of foreign tourists visiting Melaka, particularly from PRC and South Korea.

I would recommend a visit to the Melaka Museum for visitors who want to understand more about its past, from the Melaka Sultanate era, Zheng He’s visit, the colonial periods of Portugese, Dutch and  English rules. The museum is situated in the red building built during the Dutch period, and is easily accesible from Jonker Street.

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