Links to extensive information about a cult group

A friend remarked that it is difficult to find any balanced account about the group from internet ( or the search engines results). Anyway, here a list of sites with extensive information about the group :

(note: this is an expanding list as more links will be added)

  1.    (official  site with tons of materials about the cult)
  2. (Articles debunking specific allegations from the cult )
  3. (Official site on cult news in China)
  4.  (a somewhat neutral site with list of news concerning the cult group)
  5. (The cult that is Falun Gong: postings from an Aussie blogger)
  6. (A typical story or photo about a disaster in China was exposed as a another lie. The photo was actually from a disaster in Africa)
  7. (Money Trail between US Government And Falun Gong)
  8. (Why Falun Gong Was Banned In China)

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