Shenzhen (November 2012) revisited

The Pearl River Delta is one of the main industrial base of China. There are tens of thousands  factories  here, having being built in last 30 years mainly for the export market. Despite this, there are still  lots of  intensive farming in the area as can be observed  from the bus journey from Zhongshan to Shenzhen. This is because the flat delta area is a good agricultural land,  well served by extensive network of rivers and canals. The farm land do create pretty scenes as shown below:

The 2 hour bus journey ended in the Luohu terminal of Shenzhen. The time I decided to stay in a hotel that is close to the Futian checkpoint, as I needed to get to the HK airport quite early in the morning. Hence, I stayed in the Motel 268 in Huanggang area. This hotel and this part of the Huanggang area  is very popular with Hongkongers. The metro station is just next door.

Shenzhen may seem bland to many as it is a new city, but I have never been tired of it. This visit I had time to visit Chiwan area in Nanshan district, which is the most westerly area in Shenzhen that look over HK.  The area is served by a newly built metro line. The seaside area is taken over by port, but is seemed different from other part of Shenzhen – it was not crowded and  has  a rather quiet small town atmosphere.  I had time to visit two famous local landmark – a Mazu (or Tian Hou) temple and a old fort that was used in the Opium war. They may not be among the top must see tourist sites, but I do cherish such memories of discovering something new or just being there.

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