Zhongshan Travel (8 -10 Oct 2012) – Part 3

View along the pedestrian street of Zhongshan

Zhongshan city abounds with all things bearing the name of Sun Zhongshan. The main pedestrian mall is called Sun Wen West Street (Sun Zhongshan is also known as Sun Wen), while the main park is called Zhongshan Park. My hotel was along Zhongshan No. 1 Road. There is also a Sun Zhongshan Memorial in the city.  Sun Zhongshan statues or sculptures can be found at every street corner, as if to remind everyone  that he lives in this city.

I spend the afternoon walking along the at the Sun Wen West pedestrian mall and then climbed the hill at Zhongshan Park to view the Lufeng Pagaoda.  The shophouses and buildings along the pedestrian mall were built in the pre-war period by the merchants of the days, and have since then been restored to their glories. However, these building have lost their characters, becoming somewhat rather bland or sterile in their clean  white and pink facade . To make matter worse, the shops in the buildings were basically selling the same things, sport apparel. The outdoor sign proclaiming the Anta brand was ubiquitous.  There were hardly an eating place, and I searched frantically  before finally finding  a good place  have lunch and relax.

Close to the pedestrian  mall is the city main park, the Zhongshan Park. One can climb the hills via the concrete stairs to reach the Lufeng Pagoda, which is situated on top of ahill.  It was first built during the Ming dynasty period but has been damaged and thus rebuilt extensively in 1952. This pagoda was  brilliantly lit in the night, and could  be seen from miles away.

A walk through the other streets having old and un-restored shophouses seemed more interesting to me. Other attractions within the city centre are the Sun Zhongshan memorial and the Zhongshan Commercial museum. The museum is the more interesting place for most visitors. Though it is actually conveniently situated along the pedestrian mall, I had problem finding the museum as it was not marked in the Google map. The exihibits provide good narratives of  Sun Yet-sen and the many succesful merchants of late Qing and Republican eras. Entrance is free.

With smart phones becoming more prevalent today, I observed that street vendors selling and installing protective screen guard have become common. These are usually young men and they have  many different kind of patterns for all kind of  smart phone model. However, I did not need one as I just had one installed in Malaysia.

The night view of the city along the river is quite pretty, as a number of buildings are lighted in the night.  There is even a night river cruise for those who want to enjoy a night out along the river. However, I was just tired,  and retired early after having Harbin beer and Lanzhou noodle.


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