HK, Shenzhen and Tianjin photos

We arrived in Tianjin from Singapore in the morning of 17 September. Not much time was spend in Tianjin as we had to catch  our next flight to Kunming at 5pm.

The airport bus goes to the train station near the city centre.  Fare is around 26 Yuan. It took about 40 minutes to drop us in a spot near the train station, from which one has to walk along an unpaved path adjacent to a construction site, prior to reaching the train station. We would have entered the train station if we intended to visit Beijing. Instead we took a taxi to the Old Cultural Street.

This would be my third visit to Tianjin. I could see that there are many high-rises and the air and water were much cleaner than my previous visit. However, there are still lots of places under construction.

We were in Shenzhen on 27 September, and stayed in a hotel in Nanshan district. The hotel location was rather convenient as the Shenzhen Metro station is within walking distant. The Metro network in Shenzhen is quite extensive, and thus allow us to visit many places without having to take taxis.

One of the places we visited was the Da Fen oil painting village.  The place is about 10 minutes walk from the Da Fen Metro Station.  There place was rather quiet with only a few artists at work. We bought a few small oil paintings from the artists, with prices ranging from 80 yuan to 40 yuan.  What’s more important is that we truly like the paintings.

HK was our next destination.  The spectacular 20 minute cable -car ride at Ngong-ping is a must for tourist visiting HK. It was not cheap though as it cost about Hk140 per trip. We took the organised tour package to avoid the long queue at the entrance to the cable car station. The tour package includes bus to Tai O fishing village and a boat ride.

Eating out in HK is very convenient. Street food and small restaurants are found almost everywhere.  My favourite food stall are those serving breakfast food such as porridge, fried yam  and radish cake, fried fritters and  flat rice noodle (chee cheog fun).  One can have them for lunch too. And my favourite drink is HK style milk tea  (naai cha). They are wonderful, and I rate it as better than the ‘teh tarik’ of Malaysia and ‘teh c’ of Singapore.

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