Media Disinformation: Understand South China Sea Standoff through the Filipino Media

A good account of how the Western media propaganda works in trying to manipulate opinion and inflame resentment against China in the China-Phillipines South China Sea standoff  can be found in the link below:



It is unfortunately that the truth can never be found in the mainstream Western media. So much hatred, negativity, misunderstanding and conflicts across the world could have been avoided if people were not deprived the right to know the truth.  The illegal invasion of Iraq could have been stopped if the voices of the UN weapon inspector Scott Ritter, and Senior Australian Intelligence Officer Andrew Wilkie could be heard internationally through the Western media with the kind of zeal they used against China before the invasion. Millions of lives in peril could have been avoided and millions in misery and displacement could also have been avoided if the media could uphold the ethics of Journalism before the illegal war. Censorship may be a crime but selective reporting with the intention to mislead the public is a crime worse than censorship.


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