My thoughts on coming Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics has go to be one large event that I am least interested in.

Just today, when I spoke on the phone with Foxtel representative about terminating my Foxtel subscription, the lady informed me that Foxtel would provide special channel and coverage for this game.  It took me about 10 minutes to convince to the bewildered l Foxtel rep that I was not interested.

I guess I have lost interest in watching  sports in general. The don’t seem to interest me anymore like before. Previously I was an avid sports fan, particularly soccer.

There is also another reason for my lack of interest. It has to do with my desire to see the London receiving the same treatment that the British have given the Chinese during the Beijing Olympics. Some of the British media and reknowned personalities even called the Beijing Olmpics boycott,  proclaiming that Chinese apparent violation over a wide range of issues,  like Tibet, human rights  and the apparent Chinese support for Sudanese government.

Well, it’s time that Britain receive its due,  for the promotion of war and killings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that results in hundred of thousands deaths.  The Western media as usual is very quite on British criminal records.  And it’s human right record is not unblemish too, given the recent riots and coverup scandals involving past atrocities in Africa, Northern Ireland and Malaya.

List of abuses conducted by the war mongrel:

  • The attack on Libya that lead to toppling of Gaddafi has caused the country to be run by militias and religious militants where torture and other human rights abuses are widespread.
  • The illegal war against Iraq has caused millions to die or displaced.
  • The killing of thousands of innocent Afghans civillians in the hand of British troops and the US ally
  • The whitewashed on the British soldiers killings innocent civilians in many parts of the world back in the 1950 to 1980s: Northern Irealnd, Malaya, Kenya etc
  • The massacre against civilians (including children and women)  in various part of India, including the Amritsar Masssacre of 1919.



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