Bu Bu Jing Xin

The  TV series Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心)  has generated intense interest among Chinese viewers.  It is voted as most popular 2011 drama series in China. I watched the first episode in Singapore last month, and found it rather interesting.  I have always like historical drama, and the feud among the sons of Kangxi Emperor has always fascinated me ever since I watch the Emperor Yongzheng series a couple of years ago.  Nowadays, it is easy to watch mainland China drama, as one could just buy the DVD s or just watch from the internet.

Note : Youtube video of the Bubu jingxin or Scarlet Heart series with English subtitle (Singapore version):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_xyIMNgq5Y&list=UUEyGQnRGclYB6Fjx9VppT0g&index=33&feature=plcp

Videos of soundtrack :



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