Singapore travel (January 2012)

Having lived in Singapore for more than 10 years, I thought there was little for me to see in Singapore. I was wrong as I discovered to my pleasant suprise – substantials changes have been made over the years, making Singapore more interesting and lively.

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The most recent headline development in Singapore is the establishment of two casinos. The first one is in the Sentosa Island, while the second casino was built in the Marina Bay area. I visited both Sentosa Island and Marina Bay recently, to update myself on the recent developments.

The World Resort complex at Sentosa Island is developed by the Genting group, is quite similar in concept to the Genting Highland resort. There is  casino, a Universal Studio theme parks, a theatre, hotel, restaurants and shopping mall. To attract lots of Malaysian visitors, there is also a food court that Malaysian hawkers fares from various famous Malaysian hawkers.

The Marina Sand Bay resort is near downtown area. It can be assessed from Suntech City. We took the giant ferris wheel ride, called the Singapore Flyer. The ride was about 30 minutes, moving slowly to allow us to have a good view of the Singapore skyline. At the base of the ferris wheel, we were pleasantly suprised to find a hawker centre selling various Singapore hawker fares. The food is quite good and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

Walking out further, there is a beautiful spiral bridge lit in purple light awaiting. Pedestrian can use it to cross into the Marina Sands complex. The complex  is certaintly worth a visit. Visitors can take a walk and marvel at the night Singapore skyline, or visit the Art and Science Musuem that is built into the complex. There is alo  shopping mall for window shopping or real shopping. The casino is quite crowded, even during the weekday. The crowds are mainly Asian. Indians are also quite substantial too. Singapore are discouraged from entering the casino though, as they need to pay $100 entrance fee into casino.

I also observed that shop assitants and taxi drivers are also generally more courteous and pleasant to interact with nowadays.


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