Fuyun and Qinghe in Xinjiang

Fuyun (富蕴) and Qinghe (清河) are two northern Xinjiang towns that are close  to Mongolia. The region is rather arid, comprising mainly of arid Gobi semi-desert and grassland. Many of the rural folks are the Kazaks, who live as traditional herders just like their forefathers in the grassland between China and Mongolia.

Fuyun is famous for its rich mineral deposits. The mines in Fuyun produces 86 types of minerals.

Qinghe is 2 hours drive south of Fuyun. Over there there is a border checkpoint to Mongolia called Takeshenken (塔克什肯).

Few tourists visit the region, and thus it seems rather backward when compared to other parts of Xinjiang. However, with the development in tourism and mining industry, the region is all set to move ahead in the future.


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