Buerjin and Kanasi in Xinjiang

Kanasi is a charming and beautiful scenic area located in northern most part of Xinjiang. The picteresque beauty of Kanasi is higly popular with tourists visiting Xinjiang.

Buerjin or Burqin (布尔津) is a booming town in Northern Xinjiang. Tourists usually stop over in this town  for the night, before heading for Kanasi (喀纳斯) the next morning.

In the Kanasi area, the Tuwa people live as herders in the beautiful grassland countryside. They are a sub-tribe of the Mongols, though the don’t speak the language anymore. There are only about 2000 ethnic Tuwa in China.

The film crew also visited a military border guard outpost in a grassland area that is not far from Kanasi.


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