Yining in Xinjiang

Yining (伊宁)  city is a major city in Xinjiang with population of about half a million people. The city has a famous river called the Yili (伊黎) river, which flows from the east (from base of Tianshan mountains)  into Kazakhtan. Majority of trees here are the poplar(白杨) trees and they can be seen almost everywhere.

There are 47 ethnic groups in the city, with Uighur forming half the population. The main historic Uighur area is in the south, called Kazanqu (喀赞具). The area has become a tourist attraction in the last few years thanks to efforts in improving  and refurbishment of attractive  older syled houses. As a results, tourists could travel in elegant horse drawn carriages, while enjoying the hospitalities  and easy going ambience of the neighbourhood.

Uighur musics and dances are also featured in the documentary.

West of Yining is the Chabuchaer (察布查尔) county, which is a small border town.  This is also main town of Xibo (锡伯) people. These people are the descendents of Qing dynasty familes sent by Emperor Qianglong to settle in the border area. Nowadays they are recognised as a distinctive  ethnic group of China.  Much of the traditions and language that is lost in Manchu culture, are still retained by them.


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  1. Kaiyum says:

    hahaha, nice explanation, short glimpse to uyghur musical instruments and surrounding areas in yining, enjoyed reading your post, thx for the post, keep posting

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