Kuche in Xinjiang

I am still following the Yuan Fang De Jia (远方的家)  documentary series that is shown in CCTV4. Kuche (库车)  is another  thriving ancient city, within the Akesu perfecture of Xinjiang. It lies along the ancient silk road. The city of 180,000 has an old and a newer section of the city.  The newer section is raidly developing. The Uighur people are most numerous here, and their favourite food being the ‘nan’ bread.

Main attractions of Kuche are:

  •  Local foods like large nan and yoghurt
  • Magnificent Kuche mosque that was built in 16th century
  • The local bazaar that is teaming with local goods, foods and people
  • Grottoes in city outskirt. The wall murals in caves are painted with exquisite Buddhist arts that are over 1000 years old.


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One Response to Kuche in Xinjiang

  1. Kaiyum says:

    nice post, good documentary, this kind of documentaries makes it realistic for people to visit the area. there are alot to see in Kucha and xinjiang,

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