Wushi and Wensu in Xinjiang

Wushi (无什)  and Wensu (温宿) are two small towns within the Aksu Prefecture. They lie just north of the Taklamakan desert.

Visitors can sample the Xinjiang noodle and the mutton dumpling breakfast in Wushi. Trishaw ride  is convenient means of transport in the town. It cost 10 yuan. The prominent landmark in the town is the Yanzi San or Swallow Hill. There rock fossils can be seen, as if they look like the swallow feathers. It also allow visitors to hava panaromic view of the town, and surrounding Tianshan mountains.

About 45km away, there is a local Uighur village where an Uighur dance style called ‘pi er’ originated. The locals there dance to the beats of the traditional hand drums.

There is another mountain pass snugged in the Tianshan moutains between China and Kirghiztan that requires several hours  driving through dangerous mountain road. Presently, the army has a sentry post close to the borderline. In a few years, the access road will be upgraded to enable  commecial trade with Kirghiztan through this pass.

Other interesting places (i) Wensu large gorge offers interesting view of the deep gullies and rock formations  (ii) Tagela grassland near the Kirghiztan border is a place where locals and visitors can relax, have picnics, dance or ride horses.


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