Tashkorgan and Kunjerab Pass in Xinjiang

The Tashkorgan (塔什库尔干)  Tazik Autonomous county is on the Pamir highland, with borders to Tajikstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It takes more than 10 hours  to drive from Kashi. The Tashkorgan town itself is at 3000m elevation.The Tajik people have Caucasian features, and they have distinctive attires and way of lives. There are about 40,000 of them in China, and 70% of them are found in Tashkorgan.

Their wedding celebrations can be elaborate affairs, featuring great feasts and ceremonies, horse racings and  dancings. The horse racings are held in the vast expanse of flat arid land at the foot of the snow capped Muztagata (慕士塔格山) Mountain (7509m).

The China-Pakistan border checkpoint is further 130km south of Tashkorgan at Kunjerab Pass or Hongqulapu (红桔拉普). The Chinese side  is at about 5000m elevation. This is one of the highest international border checkpoint in the world.


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