Pulan in Tibet 2

About 100 km north of Pulan in the Ali region of Tibet, there is pagoda like snow peak which reaches 6683m height. It is  called Gang Renboqi ( 冈仁波齐) or Gang Rinpoche. This is one of the main holy mountains in Tibet and the  surrounding area is a holy site that attracts many religious devotees as well as tourists. Visitors usually walk ‘around’ the mountain starting from a village called Baga (巴嘎).  It is a 60 km walk to go round the mountain. There are yaks that can be hired to carry  supplies  for anyone going for the long walk.

Not to far away are two holy lakes that are close to one another. The first lake is called Mapang Yongcuo (玛旁雍措) or Mapam Yumco. It is world highest freshwater lake. As the lake gets its water mainly from the melting snow of surrounding mountains, the water is said to be sweet and pure. Devotees take 3 to 4 days to walk the 90 km distance around this lake. It is also popular with Hindu devotees from India.

The other lake is La Angcuo (拉昂错) or La Ngaco. It is described as a ‘ghost lake’ as it seems to guided by a spirit that make the lake water behaves like deep sea with pounding waves. There is no grass growing around it, and there is no fish in it too. Though it is just a few kilometres west of the Mapang Yongcuo lake, it is a salt water lake!

The local people were very poor previously, due to the inhospitable climate. Highland barley or qingke is grown in patches of land where this hardy plant could grow. Hopefully tourism activities will offer them better lives. Near the village near Pulan, the film crew visited a village where  elaborate local traditional  costumes are displayed.


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