Pulan in Tibet

The Ali (阿里) region is part of an arid plateau that lies in the western part of tibet. It is a seldom travelled and therefore the most  mysterious region of Tibet. The climate is very harsh, much of its elevation is above  4500m but  dry in most part.

It is sparsely populated with  90,000 people. Pulan (普兰)  or Burang is the  county  as well as largest town in southern Ali region.  Pulan town is surrounded by mountain ranges in the north and the Himalayan range in the south. It is also close to the Nepalese and Indian borders and thus visitors there are mainly Nepalese and Indian. There is a thriving border trade market that has being established for commerce with neignbouring Nepal. Nepalese presence and influence is strong at the border market.

The actual border mountain pass between China and Nepal lies about 20km away in the south east of Bulan in a place called XieErWa (斜尔瓦). Over there, Nepalese traders would use their mountain goats to carry goods across the narrow cable suspension bridge called Friendship Bridge into Chinese territory to exchange goods. Only goats are small and nimble enough to cross the narrow bridge and moutain tracks it seems.

Many Chinese border police sentry points are also established along the border. The film crew visited one such border police teams that is stationed in this remote frontier region.


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