Dingri in Tibet

Dingri (定日) or Tingri county is the next destination of the film crew. The Route 318 goes through to Dingri, where the highest road elevation is 5248m at Jiaculashan  pass.   The elevation of Dingri town is 4300m.

Dingri is the main town for visitors to the northern slope of Mount Everest or Qomalangma (珠穆朗玛) Shan, as it is called in China. There are many small hotels and eateries catering to the booming tourist market.  About 35km south of Dingri, visitors could enter the Jiawula (加乌拉)  shan pass to view five majestic peaks of over 8000m, on clear days.

The Qomalangma base camp is at elevation of 5200m. It is frigid cold and dry area, with basic accomodation and facilities. However, there is the world highest temple and post office over there. The imposing view of the world highest peak can be seen from the base camp. The base camp has got to be one of the top tourist attractions in Tibet. However, there does not seem to be that many tourists yet. Perhaps, it is due to the difficult and long drive from Lhasa. When the Xigaze train line is completed, I am sure there would be more tourists to the region.

Next, the film crew proceeded to Nielamu (聂拉木) county.  From there, it is only another 30km drive to border town, Zhangmu (樟木), which the is a busy border checkpoint with Nepal.  Zhangmu is a booming trading town, called the Little Hongkong of Tibet. There are many Nepalis and Indian traders in the town.


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