Gongga and Langkazi in Tibet

Gongga (贡嘎) or Gonggar and Langkazi (浪卡子) or Nagarze are two counties that share the famous Yangzhuoyongcuo (羊卓雍错) or Yamzho Yumco lake, which is one of the famous sacred lakes of Tibet. The lake covers  600 square km.

Gongga is rather close to Lhasa and the airport, and thus transportation is convenient. There are many traders and tourists in the area. In a village near the town of Jiazhulin, the tradition of making leather raft of yak hide is still preserved by the villagers. The town of Jiedexin is an important area for production of Tibetan traditional crafts and costumes.

The Yangzhuoyongcuo lake lies within the Langkazi county. It noted for its beauty and mystic charms, and is therefore popular with devotees and tourists. It takes about 20 days for devotees to walk round the lake. The Langkazi town which is on the west side of the lake, is rather small. However, the place is famous for the dried  yak meat. The yaks raised near the lake area have a delicate  taste.

The film crew visited a village that is described as the highest village in China. This is the Sakongcun vilage in Pumajiangtang (普玛江塘), which is in the south, very  close to the Bhutan border. The elevation is 5700m!. There are 45 households in the village, living as herders. Life is not easy as it is cold and west most of the months, and people can fall sick easily from diseases brought by the high attitudes. But the vast expense of pasture land means they could raise relatively large number of livestocks.

Another village visted is the Tui village, which is on the east of Pumuyongcuo (普玛雍错) lake. Life is also not easy, and schooling for childrens are problematic in the village. It takes 3 hours to reach school. Despite the problem, many of the kids are getting to schools. I believe a number of them are living  in school hostels nowadays.


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