Cuona in Tibet

Cuona (错那) or Cona county  lies south of Cuomai. It is close to the Bhutanese and Indian borders.  The roads in the area are very winding, and the intense rains during the summer months can lead to numerous landslides.

Lebugou (勒布沟) is a scenic village in Cuona county where 90% of population are from the Menba (门巴) ethnic group.  The elevation is at 2900m and it is 90% covered with forest. Many type of wildlifes are found here, including monkeys and Himalayan marmots.

There are only about 8000 Menba people in whole of China.  It seems they love drinking. They do not have written language and their culture is heavily influenced by the Tibetan. Like the Luoba people, the majority of Menba people live in area that is occupied by the Indians, due to the unilateral drawing of MacMahon line back in 1914. The MacMohan line was just an arbitary line  drawn by the imperial British and resulted in large area of South Tibet being ceeded to the British, and subsequently to the Indians. The British were the superpower back then, and there was not much a weak China could do back then, other then to refuse signing on a treaty with the British on this matter.

The Cuona town itself is like a typical single street small town in Tibet, with elevation of 4300m. The average annual temperature is just above freezing point! However, the countryside area is very pretty during the summer.


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