Cuomei in Tibet

Cuomei (措美) or Comai is a small town in southern region of Tibet, quite close to  Bhutanese border. The elevation is around 4500m. Just north of Cuomei is the Zeigu (哲古) lake, which is actualy a series of 30 lakes and grassland.

This is a high grassland area, with sheep and yak herding being the main economic activities. Previously the Tibetan herders were nomad, living in tents. Today, many of them live in permanent settlements, as many have settled down in houses that were built and financed with government assistance. Their traditional lifes seem to be basically intact compared to the natives in many regions of the workd (for example the Australian, the Maaris, the US and Canadian Indians, the Eskimos, the South American Indians in Andes  etc), though there are also changes brought in by modernity.

The highland barley called qingke, is an important crop around Cuomei.

Around the Zhegu Lake, the wild Tibetan donkeys can be found grazing, together with the domestic yaks and sheeps.


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