Longzi in Tibet

The documentary team headed east to Longzi (隆子) or Lhunze county from Cuomei. The journey is more than 100 km, requiring at least 3 hours. Visitors will need special border pass to travel in this sensitive border region that is close to India. The local Tibetan farmers grow higland barley, oil seed plant as well as raise cattles.

Longzi is a rather pleasant looking small town at about 4000m elevation. The actual destination of the film crews is Yumaicun (玉麦村), a village that has been describes as smallest village in China. Back in 1995, there were only three person living there, consisting of a father and his two daughters.  Two of the daughters are still around. The film crew interviewed one of the daughters and her family members. She is still a traditional herder, just like her father. They spend about 1 month during the summer outside the village raising their cattles, and  the rest of the time in the village.

Reaching the village is not easy, as the road from Longzi is about 195 km and it takes almost 9 hours to zigzag  along mountain valleys to reach the beautiful valley where the village is situated. The suprising thing is that the village has grown considerably.  It is no longer that small or isolated, and attacts people from other villages. Infact there are shops, travellers lodge and restaurant in the village.


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