Milin in Tibet

Milin (米林) or  Mainling county  is about 70km by road south of Linzhi. It is in the middle reach of the Yarlungzangbo river.  It receives large rainfall, just like in Linzhi. As a result, the place is very green.

The Luoba (珞巴) or Lhoba people are found here. They are the smallest of the 56 ethnic groups of China.  There are more Luoba residing in Indian ruled south Tibet, which was illegally acquired by the British (the MacMahon line was unlaterally drawn  by the British in 1914 to acquire large tract of territories). The film crew visited the beautiful Nanyi Luoba village which has population of 426 Luoba people. Most of the residents previously lived in the poor remote mountain areas have since then turned to agriculture and pasture farming, as well as tourism as main source of livelyhood.

The Nanjiabawa (南迦巴瓦峰) peak is the highest and most majestic mountain in the area.  There is a popular viewing platform near the bend of the Yarlungzangbo river that is about 87km norh east of Mailin. Viewers are presented with unforgetable panaromic view of the lofty peaks surrounded by green hills and fields. However, chances of viewing the 7782m peak is rather slim during the summer month.


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