Linzhi in Tibet

Linzhi (林之) or Nyingchi county is a very beautiful area of Tibet that has been called little Jiangnan. The mild climate with frequent rainfalls makes this region very green, different from the semi arid high plateau in much of Tibet.

Route 318 from the east passes through Linzhi county. The first place visited by film crew is Lulang ( 鲁朗) village. Lulang means the ‘valley of the dragon king’ in Tibetan. There is very scenic valley of farmland, pasture land, little cottages and wooded hills. The Gongbu ethnic which is related to Tibetan, live in this area.

Linzhi stone pot chicken is the specialty dish of this area. This dish draws many tourists to the area to experience the delicious tender Linzhi chicken soup served in stone pot . A pot of this dish is not cheap though as expensive herbs are used, and it could easily cost between RMB200 to 1000.

The main town in Lingzhi county is Bayi (八一). This town expereinced rapid development in last 20 years. From barely a town with two unpaved roads, it has now become a modern looking town, with good infrastructures and facilities.


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