Chayu and Basu in Tibet

The first town in Tibet to be featured by the documentary
series is Chayu (察隅) or Zayu. It is on the south eastern Tibet AR province, near the borders of India and Myamar.  There are about 30 thousands people in Chayu county, with 5 major ethnic groups.  It has a mild climate with high rainfall, unlike most other parts of Tibet.

The Deng people can be found here. There are about 1400 Deng
people in China. They are not considered as part of the 56 Chinese minorities.
In a village in Xiachayu (下察隅) , there is a Deng village being
visited by the filming crew.  The road network in the area is still poor,  and
much will need to be done in years to come. Also areas close to the Indian
border are subjected to security check, and foreigners are not allowed to enter
such areas.

Basu (八宿) or Baxoi is further north of Chayu. It is along the route 318, which
is one of the most spectacular route in China. The elevation in this area is higher, at 3000m and above. The Laigu(来古) glasier is one of the natural beauty spots of the area.  A nearby  Tibetan small village offers  spectacular view of the mountain peaks,
glaziers, alpine lake and grassland.

The Ranwu (然乌) lake is another scenic spot that has become popular with tourists in recent years. The lake is considered a holy lake by the Tibetans. Tourism has brought drastic changes to the lives of the local people, for the better I think. Also, there are many local tourists in China who have embarked on their own personal  adventures and dreams of visiting Tibet, travelling via cars, motorcycles and bicycles.




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