Deqin and Meili snow mountain – Part 2

Yubengcun (雨崩村) is a village at Yunnan-Tibet border, that is closest to the Meili snow mountain. It is mainly populated by ethnic Tibetans.  Getting there is not easy as there is no proper road – only a 18km long mountain trail connects  this village to the main road at Xidang village, which is to the West of Deqin. Tourists take the guided mule ride in order to arrive at the village, after 6  hours ride! The village is located at a valley at foot of mountain is very scenic indeed. Another attraction is  the sacred waterfall at foot of Meili snow mountain. Tourists will have to endure through 4 hours of rugged hiking or mule ride along the streams, through alphine woods and crossing dangerous glasier.

The villages make money from the mule rides, lodging and other tourism services. They would have been poor  villages if not for the tourism money.

In the isolated village there is a  teacher who has been working without pay for five years. Her dedication and sacrifice is certaintly very touching. I think she must have been a volunteer teacher, and has developed very strong bonds with the kids under her care. There are many such isolated villages within the rugged area in this part of China. Thousands of kilometre rural roads have been built in last 10 years, but many areas still remain isolated.  With tourism activities catching up here, developments will arrive sooner or later, just like in Shangrilla.


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