Deqin and Meili snow mountain in Yunnan – Part 1

Deqin (德钦) county is lies in the north of Xianggelila. The Route 214 goes from Xianggelila or Shangrila to Deqin . Road conditions are pretty bad, and there are frequent congestions, as many stretches of the road are being repaired and upgraded.  The  road elevation can be  above 4000m at times.

The main town in Deqin county is Shengping (升平), where the attitude is  3300m.  This is a small and quiet town that is  just  10km away from foot of the Meilixueshan (梅里雪山)or  Meili Snow mountain. This is a beautiful and highly revered mountain with 13 peaks that are over 6000m. The Kawagebo (卡瓦格博) peak is  the most majestic and tallest of peaks,  at 6740m. It is also the tallest peak in Yunnan. Many tourists visited a nearby temple early in the morning in order to observe  the magnificent peaks where the golden light reflected from the snow peaks  gives an unforgetable  spiritual aura.

Another interesting place is a remote little village that is 80 km to the south west in Yanmenxiang  (燕门乡). In this village there is an interesting Catholic church built over a hundred years ago to spread the religion to the  Tibetan, Lisu and other ethnics. Villagers also grow grapes to make wine, which was introduced by them by a French priest.  It seems different religious beliefs can coexist peaceful and harmoniously in the village, where even within a family different members can have different religions. I hope this is the case, and it will remain this way. Let’s hope there will not be any more conversion of the natives  by religious zealots from outsides with strong financial backings.


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