Dulongjiang in Yunnan

Dulongjiang (独龙江) area is described as one of the most remote, isolated  and diffiucult to reach area in Yunnan. It is in a valley where the Dulong river runs, isolated by mountains on the east and west. Further to the West is Myammar.  This is the home of a previously primitive tribe called Dulong or Druang.

It lies to the west of Gongshan town and can only be reached after travelling through a dangerous and winding mountainous route (where elevation reaches above 4000m ). The road is 96km long, and is  closed 6 months of the year due to snow and ice blocking the way. During the warmer months, landslides, avalanche and rockfalls are common hazards that make the journey dangerous. The journey is certaintly not for the faint-hearted, and most  travellers are strongly advised from using the road during rainy period. The documentary video provides a very good account of the danger facing travelers.  I have to take my hat off to the filming crews, other travellers and the road building crews that are working on the dangerous stretch of road.

The government has embarked on poverty alleviation projects for the Dulong people, and one of the project is the reconstruction of the road. It will be completed within 3 years, making the journey less perilous, and hopefully this will improve the livelyhoods of the people in Dulongjiang valley.


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