Liuku and Pianma in Yunnan

Liuku (六库) and Pianma (片马) towns are within the Lushui (卢水) county in Nujiang (怒江) prefecture of Yunnan province. This is a seldom mentioned and travelled part of Yunnan that borders upper Myammar. This is also the part of Yunnan that is of great interest to me. Liuku is the administrative centre of the Nujiang Prefecture, which is a narrow strip of highland where Nujiang rivers flows through. Nujiang is one of the great river of Asia that flows from Tibetan Plateau,  through  Myammar into the Andaman sea. In Myammar, it is called the Salween river.

Liuku is also the southern gateway to the Nujiang gorge region. It  seems to be a rather comfortable and modern little town, not much different from other booming town of China. However, 92% of people in Nujiang prefecture are from the minorities.

The road from Liuku and Pianma is 98km, since it traverse through winding mountanous road. The highest elevation along the road is 3800m!. Pianma is a very small town (population as about  2000)  that has a border checkpoint, where residents from both sides can enter. The local people on both sides of the border  are the Jingpo people.


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