Fugong and Gongshan in Yunnan

The main road in this area of upper Nujiang prefecture follows the
raging Nujiang river and goes north towards Tibet. The highlands of Myammar is
on the western side. The road generally follows the narrow river valley of
Nujiang gorge.

Fugong (福贡) town lies between Liuku, in the south, and Gongshan (贡山) in the
north. It takes more than 2 hours drive to reach the town from Liku. The Lisu
and Nu people live in the area.

Gongshan is further north and close to the Tibet border. There are
Tibetan ethnics, as well as Lisu and Nu people in the area. North of Gongshan
and towards the border with Tibet, is a hamlet called Bingzhongluo (丙中洛). This is a rugged area with charming beauty. There is an old tea trail near this place that was previously used by ancient travellers to transport tea to Tibet from Yunnan. The rural people still use part of the trails, which run perilously close to the raging river.


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