Ruili and Longzhou in Yunnan

Ruili (瑞丽) and Longzhou (陇州) are in Dehong (德宏) prefecture. The Dai people form the largest ethnic group. Ruili is a famous gateway to Myammar from Yunnan. It is a booming town with thriving jade and precious stones industry as well as other Myammar related trades. About 20 thousands people use the Ruili border checkpoint everyday.  The population has increase dramatically by ten times in the last 20 years.

The jade stones of various sizes, shapes and varieties are then cut, engraved, shaped and polished in various beautiful artifacts. The stones are called ‘dushi’ (赌石) or gambling stones. The reason is that one can never be sure about the quality of these jade stones unless they are cut further to expose the intrinsic qualities. Thus there would be winners and losers when buying such stones.

More than 10 thousands people are involved in this jade stone trades. The main market for the products is China, since jade objects are much admired by the Chinese. It is really good to see the booming Chinese domestic economy making inroads into the far flung corner of China, as well as spilling over into neigboring country.

Longzhou is situated just north of Ruili. .There are many  Jingpo and Achang people in this area.




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