Xishuangbanna region in Yunnan

The Xishuangbanna (西双版纳) prefecture lies in southern Yunnan, bordering Laos and Myammar. The main ethnics are the  Dai and  Hani people. They have close relation with the Thai and Laotion people – the cuisine, religious practice, costume, language are quite similar.

The main city is Jinghong (景洪). It is an attractive town that caters to the increasing local tourists.  To the north of Jinghong, there is a Jinuo village that is open to the tourist. The Jinuo people over there are famous for their tea cultivation. The Lancang (Mekong river) passes through the city.

Jinghong attracts many migrants and visitors fro various part of China, as well as people from nearby countries. I have encountered many Burmese people there, and a number of them are rather conspicious as they look like Bangladeshi people.  Many of them operate jewerly shops specialising in jade and rubies.

Mengla (勐腊) is another town that tourists stay overnight, prior to entering into Laos.  I have been to both towns, and have enjoyed the hospitality of the people. The custom checkpoint from Yunnan into Laos is at Mohan.




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