Jiangcheng in Yunnan

Jiangcheng (江城) is near the border between China, Vietnam and Laos. There are many Dai and Hani people in this area. On the top of a mountain tha lies  south of Jiangcheng, there is a  border stone that denotes the border of the three countries .

Many of the traditional  people have relatives across the borders since they have live in the region for generations prior to the demarcation of the modern day borders.   Despite the language barrier and custom procedures, people on all side of the borders do not seem to have problems in visiting each others or carrying out economic activities.

The CCTV documentary series  is called 远方的家 –  边疆行. This episode is still new, first shown on TV on 1 August 2011.



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  1. laurahartson says:

    it looks like a great place to visit

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