Hekou in Yunnan

Hekou (河口) is the biggest checkpoint to Vietnam from Yunnan province. The actual checkpoints are at the both end of the bridge since Vietnam is just across the river. It is also a charming tropical town, with lots to offer. Yunnan is a hilly province, but at Hekou it is only about 100 above mean sea level.

There are many Vietnamese people, fruits, products and and food in this town. Every morning at just after 8 AM, there are hordes of Vietnamese people running across the bridge linking the two countries, hoping to arrive in Hekou early to sell their produces.

There is a train line from Hanoi to this town. However, the train uses the 1 metre track, and thus could not carry passengers on the Chinese side.

The Yao people are the dominant minority in the area, on both sides of the border.


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