Bamei and Wenshan in Yunnan

Bamei (坝美) is a quaint Zhuang village that has been called a paradise or taoyuan. It is a place that has enchanted many visitors due to simple, easy going ideal lifestyle that is the dream of many people. It is close to the town of Guangnan (广南), which  lies within the Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous perfecture. In order to reach the village, visitors have to enter by boat through a river that goes through a cave.

The Wenshan (文山) airport is an important gateway to this region. The main minority group in the Wenshan region is the Miao people.

The notoginseng root (三七) is a famous product of this region. It is used in Chinese medicine, and has important properties in treating blood disorder ailments. The little town of Malipo (麻栗坡)is also situated in this region.  The custom checkpoint is situated in Tianbao (天宝) which is to the south of Malipo. There are plans to built expressway and rail link from China to Asean countries through this checkpoint.


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