Third anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake

The Wenchuan earthquake happened on 12 May 2008. A few days ago, it was the third anniversary. How time flies! I can still remember that fateful afternoon when I first read the news on the internet about a massive earthquake in China. I knew it was going to be devastating, but could not have fathomed the scale of the disaster. It was on a scale that was too horific to imagine. There were too many tragic and terrifying scenes of people and children being buried, dying and maimed, and of people who lost their loved one. If it was only a nightmare …

But that was also a time of heroic courage, of immense sacifice , of ultruism, of persevereance in face of adversity, of caring and sharing of joys and sorrows , of being human and whats it means to be one …

It is really hearthening to see the people of Sichuan have basically arisen from the great disaster. I am sure none of them can forget their sorrows. However life has to be lived, and it is certaintly better to look forward to the future. What happened cannot be undone. 

Following are documentaries on the reconstruction efforts to built stronger, better and safer environments for the survivors.

Wenchuan reconstruction:

Beichuan, Beichuan:

 Rebuilding schools Sichuan Earthquake 1/2

Qiang People Rebuild After Sichuan Earthquake 1/3

Rebuilding in Yingxiu town


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