Bin Laden is dead

Osama Bin Laden, the great terrorist leader, and the champion of hide and seek since 2001, is reported to have been killed yesterday in Pakistan. He was shot just above the left eye by a US Special Forces soldier, in a raid conducted somewhere not far from the capital of Pakistan.


What do I make of Bin Laden? I don’t really know about this enigmatic figure, other than that he comes from a rich family, and is obviously a radical Islamist with a few wives and many children. His death is a cause for celebrations in the West, while, most people in the Islamic world would hardly rejoice. The West got its revenge for the 911 event.

There are many questions to be answered about his death. As photo details are lacking, and the body was reported to be having been thrown into the sea, conspiracy theories abound. Perhaps he did not die, and that it was for the benefit of Obama’s re-election and so on … Whatever it is, Osama Ben Laden will always be remembered – mainly as a hated figure and public enemy in the West.

The war against Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda gangs took away the pressure on China in 2001, as back then Washington was aiming its sight on China. The war of terror actually gave China another ten years of peaceful development, where China today has become more developed, organised and stronger. Meanwhile Washington focused on the war on terror, led to the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and lately Libya, which drained trillion of dollars that contributed to huge US national debt. 

Will the dead of Bin Laden bring about the end of the war against terror? I don’t really think that it will end that soon. The situation in Afghanistan and Iraq are far from being stable. The Middle East tensions and turmoils are far from ending. Thus more martyrs are in the pipeline, since the West is playing major role in helping to create them.




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