Under the Hawthorn tree

Under the Hawthorn Tree is the English title of latest movie by director Zhang Yimon (张艺谋). The Chinese title is 山楂树之恋 (shān zhā shù zhī liàn).

This movie was released around October this year. I am not a big fan of pure love genre type  of movie.  Anyway, last Friday I bought a couple of recent Chinese movie DVDs, including this movie. I bought the DVD due to the fame of the director,  Zhang Yimou. He is a legend, but somehow  I was not expecting  much from this low budget movie with unknown actors. However, after watching this movie, I have to say it is one of the finest movies that I have watched for awhile….

The main characters are the girl Jingqiu and a young man Laosan, who met in the days towards the end of the Cultural Revolution, at around 1975. This is a story of pure love that will leave few untouched, with  higly moving and memorable scenes thanks to the genius of Zhang Yimou and his team. 

Following is the youtube of the theme song:


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