RT – Alternative to CNN and BBC

Russia Today or RT is getting increasingly popular nowadays.

It provides Western style news reporting (the format  resembles BBC world service),   thought there is a change in the receiving end side –  this time it is mainly  the American and British  governments that are being ridiculed and lampooned.  It does provide a refreshing change for people who have enough of the usual agenda from likes of CNN and BBC and would like to see issues from a different perspective. 
The web site : http://rt.com/on-air/ 

The Chinese news  from CCTV   is also available at http://english.cntv.cn/live/.  In contrast to the rather entertaining style of RT, the CCTV English news service is rather plain, having little of the entertaintment value as it is usually  devoid of the over the top or sensational news reporting style that found in Western style reporting. It just present information as it is.  The bright side of this news service is that there are numerous  interesting and educational documentaries as well as  Chinese learning programs.


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