Translation of Jiang Yu’s statement

Jiang Yu

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokewoman Jiang Yu (above photo) made the following statement on 2 December 2010 in response to criticism of China’s efforts in the ensuing tension in Korean peninsular:


Pinyin of above statement:

kàn lai ,yŏu rén wŭ dāo nòng qiāng yŏu lĭ ,zuò wéi liù fāng huì tán de dōng dào guó ,chàng yì duì huà făn ér shòu dào zhĭ zé ,zhè gōng dào ma ?

This is how would it appears when translated into English by various sources:

Microsoft machine translation:
It seems that someone wielding get guns, as the six-party talks of the host country, the initiative dialogue instead of blame, this fair?

Google machine  translation:
It appears that some people get guns brandish justified, as the host of six-party talks, but blamed the dialogue initiative, this fair?

Xinhua English article translation:
While it seems justified for someone to wield weapons, China, as host of the Six-Party Talks, received criticisms for proposing the consultations. Is it fair?”

AFP news service:
Those who brandish weapons seem to be justified. China as the host of the six-party talks is criticised for calling for dialogue. Is that fair?

K Chew personal translation:
It seems those who brandish their knives and guns are reasonable, while a country that host the six party talk and proposing dialogue receives the criticism. Is it fair?


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