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Nowadays not single day goes without much of the Western media pundits reminding us that the North Koreans are dangerous and crazy, threatening the so called free world.  But the fact is that the impoverished North Koreans does not have the capacity. Its antiquated air force and navy could never match that of South Korea nor Japan, even without US assistance. They only thing it could do is to retaliate with artillery fires and rockets if attacked or provoked. But there is hardly any power projection ability there.

Meanwhile the American and the current South Koreans are taking the hardline stance to bring about regime change. In carrying out mock invasion exercises and live artillary exercises very close to the border, despite appeals from the North Koreans, the South Koreans and US are not free from the blame of provoking the North.

The situation does remind me of the days prior to the Iraqi invasion of 2003. However, this time the situation is much more complicated. One of the reasons is China.  Could China be dragged into the conflict in the event a war breaks out? This is one interesting hypothesis.  

To those who are just fed-up of being fed with daily dose of news propaganda from mainstream media or prefer to view matters from different perspective, visit   The 4th Media  website. It presents news and analysis that come from different perspective, and certainly less Western-centric. I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the mission statement of this news website. The English section chief editor is a Korean-American professor, while the senior adviser is a Japanese journalist, and the deputy editor is an African.   It a  China based website, and following is the mission statement

The 4th Media, English Website of the April Media Group, is a holistic new global voice from the East, the West, the North and the South. It stands for the following sociopolitical and cultural principles:

  1. The independent rights to self-determination and self-reliance of every sovereign nation from their present internationally-recognized national boundaries;
  2. The universal principle of non-interference in domestic affairs of a sovereign nation’;
  3. The principles of mutual-respect, cooperation, peaceful-coexistence, and a co-prosperity among nations;
  4. The principle of peaceful resolution of all sorts of disputes and controversial issues between/among nations and regions such as a territorial (land, sea and space) disputes through dialogues and negotiations;
  5. The principal respect for cultural diversity and religious plurality;
  6. The individual sociopolitical, cultural and religious rights of every human being who is, however, in respectful harmony with socially-collective and communal goals, principles, rules and values for the sake of everybody’s wellbeing and happiness;
  7. The nature-friendly, environmentally-conscious, ecologically-protective renewable green (e.g., solar, water, wind and so on) energy policies and industries through globally-coordinated national, regional and continental efforts and consortiums.


The 4th Media, English Website of the April Media Group opposes:

  1. Any sort of racism, sexism, classism and militarism;
  2. Any sort of illegal wars, military confrontations, military interventions, and military invasions;
  3. Any sort of willful fabrication, falsification and demonization of sovereign nations against their sociopolitical leaderships, domestic policies, sociopolitical ideologies, and governmental systems;
  4. Any sort of colonization of peoples, lands, and resources;
  5. Any sort of human enslavements such as global trafficking of sex slave, children, slave trade, child labor, and slave labor;
  6. Any sort of colonialism, imperialism, and hegemonism;
  7. Any sort of chauvinistic and/or irrational nationalism.


Therefore, the 4th Media has a dream that someday in near future it can become a respectful new global voice in order to play a new role to make life, work and the world better, livable, and sustainable by bringing, pursuing, and seeking for the following goals, hopes, and wishes:

  1. Act as a watchdog to expose willful fabrications, falsifications, and demonization that are rampant in the world of present global media outlets;
  2. Provide news and analysis from a multipolar perspectives;
  3. Encourage debate and discussion on international topics;
  4. Bring constructive, healthy and peaceful messages rather than destructive, unhealthy and war-mongering messages that have been flooded/bombarded by mainstream corporate media outlets;
  5. Monitor the use and abuse of power in the international arena, especially in international institutions for which there may not be no other form of oversight functioning;
  6. Seek for empowerments, renewals, and visions in those disappointed, disheartened, and disillusioned by the mainstream global media as a whole.

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