Why does the CIA use water-boarding treatment?

What is the infamous water boarding treatment that is by US  against Iraqis prisoners ? Is it a form of torture? Who authorised it? It seems  the pair of Bush and Chenney are in the thick of it.  In his recently published memoir, Bush openly admit he approves the use of this method on Iraqis and other Arabs. Does this mean that US openly condone torture? Not only does it condone torture, but it actually  carries out  extra-judicial killing.

So where are the voices of the human right activists, the Western pundits and politicians (including Jughead Jarland) that have a lot to say about what China must do this and that, but have little to say on what matters most when it comes to US.  If act of torture is against US law and constitution, why is then no one being prosecuted in this respect if there is rule of law? There are many questions, but hardly any satisfactory answer to this intriqing issue.

Well, this is how Mr Sima Nan said of the recently publish memoir of George W. Bush:

Former US President George W.  Bush, published his new book recently, a  memoir with the title “Decision Points”.   For the first time during a TV interview, he revealed that the launching of the Iraq war and he approved the  ‘water boarding’ treatment for terrorist suspects.  Bush claimed that water boarding punishment stopped terrorist attacks against the United Kingdom, and the decision was correct.  It  is hard to imagine that an imposing figure like ex-President Bush is actually out there promoting his own book, and moreover he wrote it using enthralling language. The publication of the book enables us to understand Bush line of thinking and without doubt is revealing. I personally welcome such promotion.


I will buy the book and read it, to research Bush former days, and to further my interest on study of Bush. 

小布什,在某种意义上,他很可爱。可爱在什么地方呢?他喜欢说真话。美国共和党人常常喜欢说真话。他说真话,得以让我们透过时间迷雾看到战争的内幕与残酷 (can2 ku4 – cruel)  的利益争夺。

Little Bush is in a way really lovable. Why is he lovable? He gives candid answers. The Republicans usually provide candid views. With candid words, we can see through the dense fogs, and thus revealing   behind the screen, the brutality of the conflict.

小布什在书里边讲,伊拉克战争,对囚犯 (qiu2 fan4 – prisoner) 用刑的命令是他下的。他自己主动透露说,“911”之后,审判 (shen3 pan4 – trial  )那些犯罪嫌疑人(xian2 yi2 ren2 –suspect) 的时候,动用水刑的命令也是他下的。对外界议论纷纷的水刑,他自己非但不思反悔,不认错,反而理直气壮:就是我下令的,我让他们动用了水刑,动用了水刑之后,阻止了恐怖分子对英国人的袭击,阻止了恐怖分子对美国人袭击,我们保护了美国人。所以我自己没有道德负担。

In the book, little Bush said the order for the treatment method of  prisoners in the Iraq war came from him. He revealed on his own initiative that after “911”, the use of water boarding method was authorised by him on trial suspects. When talking about the water torture method to the outside world, he had no qualms about the use and neither did admit any mistake, and instead boldly said he gave the order to utilise the method. The use of water torture prevented terrorists attack against British people, according to him.  As Americans lives are also protected from terrorists attack, there is no moral burden on this issue.




First he speaks the truth, and secondly he has no moral burden to contend with: Bush is this kind of person. His inner self is clear of psychological self doubts. American big brothers is the strong, cowboy type, and as long as he feels delighted, he is no bothered of others dying.

Many people who have no specialised knowledge of what water boarding think that is just like having dirty or cold water being thrown into the faces of the prisoners… it is absolutely not like that.  The US trial method of using water boarding on prisoner, as I have specifically studies, is a most cruel method employed in civilized world.

看上去样子很文明:我们都戴过口罩(kou3 zhao4 – surgical mask),但是谁戴过塑料 (su4 liao4 – plastic) 口罩呢?正常的口罩,第一功能是透气的,第二功能是隔离(ge2 li2 – isolate) 掉一些细菌病毒。但是美国人水刑所使用的口罩,是那种塑料口罩,很大,薄薄的,贴到你的脸上,犯罪嫌疑人躺着,口罩贴到到脸上,一层不行再贴一层。贴好之后,往上浇水。虽然仅仅是人的整个面部头部浸在水里,但是由于塑料薄膜它吸附性非常好又很薄,完全沾在你脸上,不见缝隙,哗哗地浇水,犯罪嫌疑人开始因为缺氧而致头晕、头痛、耳鸣、眼花、四肢软弱无力,继之伴有恶心、呕吐,呼吸浅快而弱,心跳快而无力。随着缺氧情况加重,渐次出现意识模糊,全身皮肤、嘴唇、指甲青紫,血压下降,瞳孔散大。这时,产生强烈的窒息感、濒死感袭遍全身,求生欲望使得犯罪嫌疑人不得不回答行刑者提出的问题。

 It looks rather civilized as they all wear surgical masks. But have you ever wore surgical mask? For a normal mask, the first feature is that it is breathable; the second feature is can filter off some of the bacteria and viruses. But the water punishment mask provided by the United States are actually plastic masks. These masks are large, thin, stick to your face, and when suspect lies down, the mask still stick onto the face, and if one layer is no deemed insufficient, another layer can be glued  above the layer. When the mask layer sticks to the face, water is then added.  Although the entire head is barely immersed in the water, but thin membrane which lines the plastic mask has high water absorption. Thus the sensation is just like having the head fully dipped in your water. As there is no gap, and when water is poured down, the suspect began to experience breathing difficulty, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, limb weakness, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing and fast heartbeat. As hypoxia sets in, things gradually appear fuzzy, lack of body awareness, lips, nails and  skin look bruised, blood pressure drops etc. At this juncture, the prisoner becomes disjointed as if being suffocated and  feels like on verge of dying. But the survival instinct  leave the suspect no choice then but to answer questions posed by the interlocutors.



 In fact, George w. Bush’s decision to attack Iraq, is not based on his religious  or personal conviction, but due to the interests of his family clan, the interest groups within the Republican party, the military and US oil energy giants. If Iraq is not attacked, how is US to demonstrate the new weapons found in  training base.  How to remonstrate the supreme power projection of the United States? How to force the Arab world into submission and arrest the tide of the anti-US sentiment? How can Iraqi oil be controlled by US? How to prevent Saddam Hussein’s Baath Arab from thriving and possibly unite the Arabs, and disobey US? Therefore, the US policy of the Middle East is inline with United States national strategic interests. Decision was made by the big boys who determine the United States policy decisions, and it was conduct war and attack Iraq. 

After reading this book, Bush, just like many men, are capable of lying. However, Bush did not lie, when he mentioned that he ordered the water boarding punishment being imposed against Iraqis, Just because he is not lying, does not mean Bush is being frank, it just mean that Bush ignores the basic rules of humanity, and does not even speak of universal value.


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