Sima Nan on Japanese politicians

 I am still reading articles written by Sima Nan. It is just incredible that he can churn numerous quality articles on a wide range of topics. Following are excerpts of a recent article regarding Japanese politicians (with my translation attempt):


【现在日本人难受得要命,其状堪怜,其泪也咸,其心滴血,其行也难。既然知道民族主义是这样的滋味,既然是己所不欲,何必要施于别人呢?在和俄罗斯打交道中,日本是一脸真诚的委屈。但和中国打交道的时候,日本人的表情是极不自然的,他们试图用小人政治卑劣(bei lie4 despicable)做法占到大便宜。】

Now the Japanese are terribly uncomfortable, her expression worthy of pity, her tears are real, the heart bleeding and having difficult in walking. Since we know that this is the taste of nationalism, and if you don’t want others to do unto you, why then impose on others? In dealings with Russia, Japan looks like having genuine grievances. But when dealing with China, Japan’s expression seems very unnatural, she tried using shameless politics and despicable practices to score cheap advantages.


There is no harm in placing this sentence here: in today’s world, Japan lies ostentatiously, constantly changing faces, saying words that cannot be believed, and pretending to be confused.  Naoto and  Maehara, the childish politicians may feel that is fun, but mischief politics will never last long. Just a few months, this group of Japanese politicians caused relationships with three major power to reach impasse, inflaming territorial sovereignty disputes. They played with fire that inevitably became too big, without understanding their own strength. The recklessness of the younger Japanese politicians is likely to bring about the fall of the Democratic Party soon.


Regarding the rise of China, Japan has yet to be mentally prepared to accept the reality of current situation. Our total economy has exceeded Japan’s economy, though our per capita GDP is only 1/10 of them. Japan can actually exist with such differential arrangement, seeking to live in harmony with China, deriving mutual benefit and achieving common developments. But Japan  does not want that; feeling nauseated and not willing instead, .


No matter what Japan does to prevent the rise of China, and in addition stirring some little chaos and other unexpected troubles, these are of little use. The rise of China in the 21st century is inevitable. The US is using Japan as the Americans are unable to stop the rise of China. The Japanese are merely being used as gun fodders for the Americans. On this point, the Japanese are just not thinking clearly. They have completely tied their interests that of the US military machine. This is a very stupid short-sighted course of action.



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