Shenzhen and wanton noodle

Shenzhen (深圳) is just across the border from HK. It is a convenient starting point for any China travel. Shenzhen started out as a sleepy fishing village, and its spectacular transformation started in the 1980s after China’s reform and opening up, initiated by the great man, Deng Xiaoping. In the course of years, it has become one of the most modern city in China, with first rate buildings and infrastructure.

Shenzhen is not just a shopping paradise for those making the day trip from HK. It might offer little in history, but there are sufficient attractions to encourage me to keep on visiting this city. One of the attractions is the China Wonder and Cultural Village (中华锦绣 , 文化民俗村). I am a fan of this place, keep on getting back. For Rmb 120, one gets to see the cultural performances, view the diverse ethnics group of China in their splendid costume and unique houses, talk to them, watching horse riders carryout out mock ancient battles etc. The highlight is the 730 PM show, which is a cultural extravaganza and dance show that never fail to impress me. Another show at the Impression theatre at 530 PM featuring beautiful dances and performance is also higly enjoyable (requires Rmb 30 entry fee though).

Stayed in a chain budget hotel in Zhuzilin. Hotel is clean and comfortable, with breakfast provided. It is in a mixed neighbourhood, where ordinary flats and condominiums exist side by side. It is easy enough to find ordinary food. The Lanzhou noodle (la mian) served by the Hui people is cheap and good. Their women still wear the head scarves. I did not venture to eat at other small shops, taking precaution against stomach upset. However, I did try at Wanton noodle at an economy fast food restaurant. It was not bad. See photo slide.


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