Hiuzhou visit

Huizhou (惠州) is about 100 km as the crow flies to the north-east of Shenzhen. Bus trip from HJ takes about 2.5 hours though, as the bus pick up passengers in several locations along the way. Hakka dialect is widely spoken as there are large number of Hakka people in the city and surrounding area.

The most famous tourist spot here is the West Lake. The famous Song era poet, Su Dongpo lived here for a while, and thus it is not surprising that his name became synonymous with Huizhou West Lake. There is a modern memorial hall displaying some of his poems and his other contribution as official while being banished here. It seems that he donated a rhinocerous hide belt towards effort to built a bridge. As an official, he wrote a proposal to strengthen the local military garrison. The most famous spot is the grave of his concubine Wang Chaoyun (王朝云), where Su Dongpo poured out his feelings for her when she died after having lived 3 years in Huizhou at age of 34.

The Huizhou bus station is rather old and seemed chaotic. Taxis waiting outside the station for passengers will only take passengers going to certain outlying areas. To get to West Lake area (which is 10 minutes drive away), hail any passing cabs that are passing on the road. It will cost about RMB 8 to get to West Lake.

West Lake of Huizhou

Another view of West Lake

A tablet on Sung Dongpo work on battle of Chibi

Text displaying Sung Dongpo's writting about his lover, Chaoyun

Yap Ah Loy (叶德来) photo among famous sons of Huizhou

A number of hotels are built next to the lake.

Huizhou pedestrian only shopping area


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