Guangzhou Visit II

Guangzhou new TV tower and surrounding area:

This is a new area with futuristic architecture that characterises the new Guangzhou and also by extension the new China. It will certaintly add a new dimension and attractivenesss to the city landscape. The new TV tower is an iconic structure of this city. At about 600 m in height, it as one of the tallest structure in the world. Easiest way to visit is via the Chigang Ta (赤岗塔) metro station.

The tower is completed recently, to allow visitors to visit the viewing galleries. However, other parts of the complex, which includes the shopping area, tower top jump etc, are still not completed. There are still lots of rough edges and finishing touches are required. Visitors can take a lift to the viewing gallery at 108 floor (about 433 m), and enjoy panaromic view of the city. The fee at RMB 150 is rather stiff thugh.

Opposite the TV tower and across the Zhujiang river, are a number of impressive structures. The IFC tower, the Asian games stadium and the boxy Guangzhou opera house are architecture wonders that are feasts to the eyes.

The new Guangzhou taking shape

Latest skyline showing with IFC tower

Impressive architecture

New Guangzhou TV tower

New Guangzhou TV tower

New Guangzhou TV tower

View of IFC tower from new Guangzhou TV tower

View from GZ tower


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