Back in Sydney

Finally arrived home this morning. It is good to be back, though I am still suffering from the lack of sleep due to the night flight and jet lag.

I have accomplished most of what I intended to do for the trip. There was no on the spot blogging this time though, as I just could not find the time. It was a tight schedule most of the time, until I arrived in Malaysia from HK. Moreover, I did not bring along the USB cable for the camera, and thus the photos could not be uploaded anyway.

The Guangzhou trade fair is the highlight of my travel. I spend a few hours there, hoping to find items of interest. It was disappointing that computer and electronic section were rather limited, when compared to the HK electronic expo that’s being held a few days earlier. There were vast exhibits of consumer and households electrical items, car accessories, electric tools, construction equipment etc. The expo seemed to be very well organised, and it was relatively easy to get to the trade fair ground using the Guangzhou underground metro. The visitors were from every part of the world, from Africa, the Indian subcontinents, Middle East, Europe, Oceania, South East Asians etc. However, the locals are discouraged to visit, and those who really want to visit as local agents, wouldl have to fork out RMB 330 for a pass. I have to pay RMB 100 for a pass, and another RMB 30 to have the photo taken. The pass will enable me to attend future events.


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