Some thoughts before leaving …

I will be away in HK, Guangdong and Malaysia for about 2 weeks. This time, I am looking forward to visit the Guangzhou trade fair. There is also another interesting architectural and engineering wonder, called the Guangzhou Tower that is one my visit list. Another city, called Huizhou, is also on my visit list. There is a famous lake called the West lake. It is also a lake that is connected to the famous Song poet, Su Dongpo. I am afraid, I will not have enough time to try on the high speed train, from Guangzhou to Wuhan. Perhaps, another day.

GZ tower


High speed train

My thoughts on the recentNobel Peace Prize award :
The Chinese have a deep sense of history and tradition, and are very much aware that their country is not just a nation state, but is home to oldest continuous civilization in this world. Despite this, the Chinese people have embraced Western influence, learning and adopting their ethical system. They are not rejecting them per se. However, it is up to Chinese to decide for themselves on the pace of assimilation, or on whether these require modifications or to reject them. It is never of case of blind acceptance. . If it is really good and time tested, I am sure the Chinese will sooner or latter adopt them for their own good.

What the Chinese object to is the constant sermonising by the West to insist China accept their ideals and cater to interest of the West, as if the views of most Chinese people do not count, i.e. only the West know better. The use of dissidents to blemish China is one underhanded tactics being employed. In a country of 1.3 billion souls it is all too easy to find too easy to find moaners and those who take up causes when encourages by powerful outsiders, against their own country.


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