Kangding Qing Ge – the movie

According to CRI report, a new movie based on Kangding Qing Ge is about to be released. Looking at the movie stills does  bring back memories of the time in Kangding.  I wish I could be there again next month, alas it is just not possible. 

The adult Chinese class in CCCA Chinese school will be singing Kangding Qing Ge  in the coming Saturday’s Moon Cake festival peformance. I may just take part in the singing though I am no longer a student there.
  2010-09-07 16:28:34     CRIENGLISH.com      

"New Kangding Qing Ge", a film starring Alec Su and Ju Wenpei, is set to offer a fresh spin on a popular Chinese folk song.
"New Kangding Qing Ge", a Chinese film directed by Jiang Ping and starring heartthrob Alec Su, is set to offer a fresh spin on a popular Chinese folk song.

The film is inspired by the folk classic "Kangding Qing Ge", which means "Kangding Love Song" in Chinese, and takes place in Kangding, a picturesque town in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

Alec Su plays an army officer who falls in love with Ju Wenpei’s character, Dawa, a local girl.

Kangding is often associated with the song, which has been a favorite in China since the 1940s.

The film also features singer Pu Bajia in various scenes.

"New Kangding Qing Ge" is scheduled for release in China next month.


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